Manchester Music City is a partnership of people and organisations from across Manchester’s music landscape.

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About Manchester Music City

Manchester is a cultural powerhouse with music in its DNA; one of the most diverse and exciting places for music in the world. 

Manchester Music City is a partnership of people and organisations from across Manchester’s music landscape working together to: 

  • Support the city’s successful and vibrant music sector
  • Enhance international relationships
  • Sustain and build an inclusive music ecology that is open to all

Manchester Music City is proud to be part of the international Music Cities Network, a network of global cities working together to harness the power of music and the music industries.

Manchester Music City is supported by a steering group of industry professionals who are establishing it as a new company.


‘Manchester is a musical powerhouse of the North-West. The rich musical
history and continuous successes of the music ecosystem create a unique legacy that is
recognised worldwide.’

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About Music Cities Network

The Music Cities Network is a transnational non-profit association uniting music cities and policy makers around the globe.

Initiated in 2016 and legally established in 2021, it aims to create more business opportunities locally and internationally, bridge the gaps between music scenes and get decision makers to acknowledge music as an integrated part of city development.

 MCN aims to do this through:

  • joint project development and fundraising
  • networking, knowledge exchange and advocacy
  • joint music business development
  • joint presentation of music city ecosystems, city marketing and tourism
  • joint shaping of music policies
  • joint collaborative research and database

Manchester is proud to be one of the founding cities of the Music Cities Network, alongside Aarhus, Bergen, Berlin, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Groningen, Nantes, Reykjavik and Sydney.


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