Manchester Music City proudly support All Things Equal, a manifesto for gender equality in music

All Things Equal, a manifesto for gender equality in music

While gender equality in music is being discussed more than ever, there is still a huge gap between what’s talked about and the reality of the industry. In the UK, there is clear evidence that people of marginalised genders face significant barriers to accessing opportunities that allow them to develop a creative career.

All Things Equal champions and celebrates all those who experience sexism and cissexism inclusive of all identities, backgrounds, social classes, ages, bodies, races, ethnicities, religions and disabilities. As such, the All Things Equal manifesto has been developed with contributions from hundreds of intersectional voices through consultation, collaborative action and an ongoing programme of research.

The research process highlighted five individual areas that need to change.

1. Education – to support more young people to learn, experiment and see themselves in all areas of the industry.

2. Talent Development – to demystify creative careers, create opportunities and cultivate safe spaces for artists of marginalised genders.

3. Live Music – to create an environment of respect in live music, for performers, professionals and audiences alike.

4. Parents and Carers – to support parents and those with caring responsibilities to find success and balance in their careers.

5. Leadership – to challenge outdated concepts of leadership and support opportunities for all types of leaders.

All Things Equal believes that progress in these areas will have long-term impacts and help to create an inclusive and welcoming industry for all. 

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